Need a Business Idea: Part 2

Home-based business ideas that will cost you $1,500 or less to start-up.

homebased business ideas


Offers growth opportunities

Among the first things you must do is check out each potential destination or location for events. Talk with the marketing manager to get a tour of every site or find out what is offered by each place. Set up a database which will enable you to organize venues by various features–the quantity of folks each one accommodates, if you find AV equipment accessible on site, etc.


There are several directions this business could go. Should you wish to work hours when nobody else does, you could target office clientele. You could deal with retail business owners and have your clients clumped into 1 or 2 blocks. Maybe you might be keener on house cleaning. Often times with cleaning services you do not need to invest big bucks on advertisements or promoting given that your clients will come by word of mouth.


Offers growth opportunities

To be a consulting adviser, you must have an ability or skill-set in a specific thing to promote you or your brand as an adviser to those planning to work in that area.


Licensing, training, or experience may be necessary.

Clients would probably want– mail merge, photo manipulation software, word processing, spread sheeting, designing software and security computer software. Not to mention peripheral parts such as printing equipment or scanners. Get completely knowledgeable about all the internet service providers (ISPs) in the area that you intend to handle.

How to write like a pro homebased business ideas


Offers growth opportunities

Offer a professional business plan, which includes the business plan narrative, market research along with financial reports. Arrange your rate around the primary service the customer will need and offer the rest as added services. You could give clientele an electronic document to let them go from there, or perhaps you can continue to keep the business plan and offer the service of amending it if it’s needed. It’s great to have a portfolio to present to clients–and you should include yours!


Have you got items around your residence which you can sell on eBay? Decide your price be sure that you set up a PayPal account for handling transactions and sales. The eBay site gives you everything you have to know to open your eBay store.


Offers growth opportunities

This is going to take on a variety of electronic devices apart from computers. When dealing with smaller electronics, you have got to expect to have clients deliver devices to you for repair, you can even suggest individuals to give you their out-of-date gadgets to use them for parts.


Licensing, training, or experience may be necessary.

Promote your skills and experience to building contractors. Individuals buying new homes can occasionally be flooded with the options or possibilities in household decorating. Learn how the owner of a house will use the home–are there kids? Pets? How might each room be utilized, etc.


Offers growth opportunities

Individuals who are fond of devoting weekends rummaging through tons of people’s unwanted things, searching for treasures. Make sure that you change the layout as well as place new items out to sell often. You need individuals to return time and time again to discover what’s new.

A few more home-based business ideas that little to no startup cost:



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