Freelancing Tips : The Working Mom

Whether or not you refer to it as freelancing, consulting, or functioning as an independent contractor, there is no doubt that working for yourself is an extremely desirable gig. And in this period of economic troubles, freelancing can provide you family-friendly versatility as well as self-reliance. Nevertheless, this kind of a life is not without its demands. The reality is, quite a lot of effort goes into merely getting a steady freelance gig…and that’s before all the work starts. It takes a certain discipline to get it done.

freelance tips freelancing tips  the working mom
You must be organized. It’s all too easy to have a messy home office, but it’s the worse offense at-home freelancers can make.
• Staying organized is a vital part of maintaining as a freelancer.
• Office supplies should be stockpiled.
• Have a file cabinet dedicated to work.
• You must separate everything personal from work items.

It is undoubtedly imperative to begin the day as if you were actually leaving to go to work. Take your Shower, gulp down you’re cup of coffee, get the children ready, or maybe even go buy breakfast. Start the day with a fresh mind. It is important you leave your home. Not leaving the house will definitely stifle your creativeness.

Optimal Time management. I have been a Creative Services Freelancer for 5 years. Time management is often a concern when you’re not generally self-motivated or perhaps quite easily susceptible to distraction. Give some thought to taking on tasks that entail doing work at an actual office location 2-3 days a week for several weeks at a time. The face time should certainly develop a rapport and establish trust—more conducive to securing future projects.

Adapting a schedule— for at least the morning block of time. Become familiar with your own particular hours where your productivity peaks. Could you be a morning person? Everyone isn’t. You may actually get more done in the evenings or at night. I like to get as much done earlier in the day as possible. Regardless if I stay up late to work on projects, I feel more accomplishment when I am able to work this way. Also, be cautious about the weekend. Remain realistic about how much time you will actually work.

Realize where opportunity lies. Spread the word and invest time in social media marketing. Or, just keep it old school and stock up on business cards! Word of mouth can go along way! Let your awesome work do the talking for you.

Don’t be afraid of negotiating your rate. After I began freelancing, I gave a marginal rate, but then after 12 months, I re-negotiated. It’s OK to begin low to build a freelance portfolio, especially if you are a writer, but by no means sell yourself short. Remember: taxes aren’t being taken out now, however you will have to pay eventually. It’s wise to take that into account while speaking money.

Downfalls for Working Momsfreelance tips freelancing tips  the working mom

No health insurance. Maintain a record of every single expense, every cost to you as you’re self-employed— this means home office supplies, mileage, gas, and phone bill, every single charge. Be sure to pay expenses with a credit card. Don’t forget the receipt.

 A tax expert can help you determine what can be written off and what can’t.

Concerns around Tax time.
“The Freelancers Union” is a supportive organization aiming to get more affordable benefits for individuals employed by themselves. However, it can be costly. Granted, being self-employed, you may write off a portion of health insurance expenses, win-win.

Footnote: check with your local official offices to see If this union is available in your state, and if not you should find out what is available.

Paychecks aren’t always on schedule. A great number of freelancers feel the same way: You’ll often need to find a method to pressure clientele into paying invoices in order to get paid in a timely manner.

Deadlines!! The truly complex element relating to working as a freelancer is the condition that you will have to be prepared to work at someone else’s convenience. Keep this in mind if your line of work will have you juggling multiple projects simultaneously. So, there will be periods that will be very busy, others you’ll be able to just lounge around.

Happy Freelancing.


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