9 Ways to Ace a Telephone Job Interview

The objective of an interview is to essentially be invited to the company’s location for an in-person interview.

You ordinarily have only two advantages – your voice and your readiness!phone interview

Prospective employee interviews on the Telephone

Regularly you are given the chance to get ready for a phone interview, but sometimes they get straight to the point the moment you answer your phone!

  1. And when taking this into consideration advanced or propelled readiness is key.

Phone interview can practically come in any time or any day, it is vital that you prepare in advance instead of when you receive the call. Why is this you ask? Well, it is a phone interview. This means that you have to be able to appropriately sell yourself, your value, experience and skills over the phone. Which is why the words that flow out of your mouth are so crucial.

  1. Know whether you can accept the call whenever it comes.

Ideally, you’ll have the capacity to plan the call for a period of time when you can concentrate fully on the interview. Be in a discreet place where you are comfortable and won’t be interrupted.

At times you can’t plan the call. Thus, in the event that you are driving the children to class or dripping outside the shower, inquire as to whether you could plan a later time. Obviously, you have to get a handle on the questioner; in the event that he delays to plan some other time, you may need to dive forward and do as well as can be expected, thinking  as you may not be getting another chance to introduce yourself.

  1. Have any documents you require readily available.

Having simple access to the company’s data or employment info will permit you to confidently respond to questions without mishandling your interview by confusing information. With a copy of both the job description and the resume or application you submitted at your fingertips before the interview starts will boost confidence and help you feel prepared.


Occasionally you be able to schedule the time that they will call. So, if you are out on the road or tangled in something important, ask to re- schedule a later time. If the interviewer hesitates to schedule another time, you may want to “nose-dive” on the opportunity and do the best you can, bearing in mind that you may not be eligible for another opportunity.

  1. Prepare for the basic common questions.phone interview

Short one word answers such as “yes” and “no” will not propel a phone interview forward, however it will end one swiftly. Practice your answers ahead of time for those general questions that will be asked, that way you can be ready when the phone interview occurs.

Try to be as visual as possible. Try to paint pictures with your words. Utilizing stories to demonstrate results you accomplished or contributed to. Choose responses that express the what, who, where, how, why and when.

Preparation is key. When the interview arrives, you’ll be less likely to ramble or leave out important things.

  1. Smile while on the phone!


try placing a mirror by you or the phone, smiling while you are talking on the phone you will discover that you sound more positive, lively and engaged. The interviewer will “hear” your smile leaving a positive impression.

  1. If you have a web portfolio or a complete LinkedIn profile, direct the interviewer to it, if possible.

Example: when asked to describe a challenge you’ve encountered and how you handled it. Ask your interviewer if they have access to the Internet. And if so, propose that the interviewer view your web portfolio or LinkedIn profile (be sure that these important URL’s are included on your resume), direct them to your project highlights page.

This allows your value to be seen while you talk about it.

  1. Focus on your language and voice.

Speak clearly, stay upbeat, and use positive language. Smile.

Don’t down talk anyone! This goes for ANYONE, ex-employer, ex-supervisors etc…

You must remember that your choice of words and the enthusiasm you bring (modulation, tone, motivation) will support and define your outcome. Try to compliment the interviewer’s voice and mood.

  1. Avoid these questions for the duration of the Initial phone interview.

Initial phone Interviews are not the time to inquire about salary or benefits, until you have “the job”, the mission is selling yourself pending that they want to hire you.

  1. ALWAYS ask for the next step plus contact info.

Express your enthusiasm for moving forward and ask about the next step IF the interviewer if concluding the call without telling you.

Find out when you can expect a follow up with the employer if an in-person interview is not scheduled by the end of the call. Get any contact information of the person that should contact you.


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